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    A whimsical take on celestial beings and their deeper existence. This story begins with two celestial beings and them discovering the spaces beyond their planets. Written and illustrated by Rhodora Jacob & Hanako Lambert. This comic debuted at Sakuracon Small Press 2015. Now Available at Phoenix Comics& Zanadu Seattle,WA
  • Vampire Highskool

    This is no twilight episode. This comic started off with a zine that had a yearbook- esque appearance featuring a handful of awkward teens but in this case vampires. Picture a world where vampires are not sleek and beautiful but awkward and pimple covered and not to mention the hipster humanitarians they only drink blood from "lower " life forms , rats...eww.... This story takes the romanticized vision of vampires and reveals the truth of awkward teenage years of the undead. Written & illustrated by Rhodora Jacob
  • Graphite Zine

    Featuring latest sketches from my sketchbook. This one is dedicated to my cat Zimmie that passed away in February 2015.
  • Astro Surfer

    Imagine a world where different planets join together in an intergalactic surfing competition. Each world has had different creatures dominate, a mixture of Animal Crossing and Skate or Die. This is a comic that features each species in the series as it corresponds with the levels in the video game under development, Astro Surfer.
  • Captured

    Collaboration with artist Stefari an artist residing in Seattle and known for her exquisite attention to detail and line. Currently tattooing in downtown Seattle.
  • Up Do Hair Do

    A series of paintings that play with line to resemble hair and form unique shapes/faces. Conveying conceptual ideas such as retrain, insecurity, and comfort.
  • Inktober Zines

    I participate in Inktober every year and have recently made compilation zines of my illustrations. This is the first series of 5 volumes and with every illustration is a story which is provided with the zine as well.
  • Urban Witchery

    A compilation Zine of all the witch related illustrations I have created thus far. For the next volume I will have illustrations of herbs and botanical Witchery included with descriptions of their uses and the spells that can be cast .
  • Batty Cat

    A story of a bat and it’s cat. Batty awakes to his beloved cat being pulled down to the underground and must fight to save him from the treacherous fate of being lost forever. He will stop at nothing to save his sweet Cat and is ready for whatever obstacles he might have to face.
  • BwITCH Zine Vol 4

    Cover Art by Siames Escalante Pop Surrealist artist from Mexico City, Mexico Theme: Botany BwITCH Zine which is an empowerment zine for Feminist & the LGBTQ movement which has no discrimination of gender or sexual preference. It’s a safe space for artist who feel oppressed in the comics scene to express freely and empower themselves along with others that need a feel to take a stand. Free Zines distributed at bookstores and comics stores internationally.
  • BwITCH Zine Vol 3

    Cover art by Cassie Murphy Concept Artist at Valve Theme: Villains
  • BwITCH Zine Vol 2

    Cover Art by Irene Garcia Theme: Dark Woods
  • BwITCH Zine Vol 1

    Cover Art by Syd Bee Pop Surrealist artist residing in Seattle Theme: Witches
  • Oni Street Beats

    A Fashion Zine created by Rhodoko Press. Compiled and edited by myself and illustrated by Myself and Hannako Lambert. Oni Demons express the fashion of the urban streets and lifestyle of Japanese demons while adorned by origami paper backgrounds.
  • Luna and Sol

    The story of the struggle between the Moon and Sun . With the power of the Sun and Moon the formation of Gaia is unveiled. This Creation of Gaia is the story of how Earth and how it came to be.
  • Fruity Booty & Other Foods and Things

    A zine of Fruits and Foods and Things wearing undies to satisfy the strange aesthetic of the need to clothe anything and everything because we can. Intimacy and Silliness all rolled into one to redefine inanimate object erotica.