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    A whimsical take on celestial beings and their deeper existence. This story begins with two celestial beings and them discovering the spaces beyond their planets. Written and illustrated by Rhodora Jacob & Hanako Lambert. This comic debuted at Sakuracon Small Press 2015. Now Available at Phoenix Comics& Zanadu Seattle,WA
  • Vampire Highskool

    This is no twilight episode. This comic started off with a zine that had a yearbook- esque appearance featuring a handful of awkward teens but in this case vampires. Picture a world where vampires are not sleek and beautiful but awkward and pimple covered and not to mention the hipster humanitarians they only drink blood from "lower " life forms , rats...eww.... This story takes the romanticized vision of vampires and reveals the truth of awkward teenage years of the undead. Written & illustrated by Rhodora Jacob
  • Graphite Zine

    Featuring latest sketches from my sketchbook. This one is dedicated to my cat Zimmie that passed away in February 2015.
  • Astro Surfer

    Imagine a world where different planets join together in an intergalactic surfing competition. Each world has had different creatures dominate, a mixture of Animal Crossing and Skate or Die. This is a comic that features each species in the series as it corresponds with the levels in the video game under development, Astro Surfer.