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May 21-23, 2010 


(download unity player here)


(game can be downloaded on the website)

I participated in a game jam which we were given a topic at the event and had only 48 hours to create a game. Michelle Obama sponsored a game jam for a game that influenced healthy food habits. The reasoning for this game jam was to help children become more health concious while interacting with something fun and positive.

In Vita-bot you play as a fierce vitamin robot fighting the unhealthy food found in the stomach of unhealthy patients. Using your vitamin launcher you can destroy the terrifying unhealthy enemies such as the Burger Brute, Evil Coli, and the Dastardly Donut to restore the balance in the stomach and save the patient from a life of health problems and obesity.  Along the way Vita-bot will need help from healthy friends such as carrots, apples, pears, salmon, and many other healthy foods to not only replenish his health, but to make the patient better; however, the malevolent junk food fiends have scattered your health friends throughout the stomach so you will need to collect them all in order to restore the stomach to its former glory.

Credits: Caroline Berg, Maury Weiss, Rhodora Jacob, Daniel Riley, Ramona Lohman, James McDonald, Alex Lee, Katrina Jurczynski, Nathan Rinehart, Hammed Al-Tamimi, Samantha Arroyo, Benjamin Wheeler, Jordan Ewing, Adam Standridge, Marcus Keene.

*This game placed 3rd in this event


   January 28-30, 2011

Dr. Fernando's Animal Madness

(game can be downloaded on the website) 

This game jam only gave you 48 hours as well and teams were not given the topic for creation until the actual event. This years topic was extinction. Even though I am an animation major, I enjoyed participating in my first game jam that I came back for more. In this game I was the art director and lead concept artist. I also modeled, rigged, and textured 3D characters.

Help Doctor Fernando rescue animals from an erupting volcano by launching them out of a cannon and onto rescue boats! In order to score points, the animals must escape the island on the rescue rafts.

left mouse button- fire cannon
right mouse button- zoom


Hammed Al-Tamimi, Veronica Lee Gutierrez, Brett Somers, Rhodora Jacob, Sean Mcallister, Leo Mark Pamintuan, Yura Ponto, Nathan Vernon, Andy Caley, Stella Lourenzo, Rachel Smith. Music from